Raising your Google ranking

Here are a few tips for maximizing your web presence and to help your website appear higher in Google results.


  • Add a title to every page of your website. Ideally this should be the name of your company and maybe the town in which you are based.
  • Add a description.  Two sentences that sum up what you do.
  • Add keywords.  Focused and detailed as possible, but no more than 20.  Use phrases like "mountain biking taunton" and "sports shop devon" as apposed to generic phrases like "bike" and "shop"
  • Use text on your pages that reflects what you do.  Google is clever, it'll look at your title, description and keywords and see if the text on your pages matches those terms.  For example, if you have the keyword "Bike shop Devon", repeat those words within the text on your pages, ie "We run a family owned bike shop in Devon". 
  • Get links to your site.  There are plenty of company listings and directory sites that you can register with for free.  The more links you have pointing towards your site the higher prevalence Google will place on your listing.
  • Add your company details to Google Maps.  Click here for how to do this.
  • Create a Facebook page for your company and regularly post news and links back to your website
  • Tweet news of your company on Twitter, again with links going back to your site.
  • Don't expect miracles.  Google normally crawls websites every 7 to 28 days.  It'll take time for changes you make to be reflected in Google's search results.  Brand new websites can take several months to climb the Google rankings, so be patient.