Commissioning a website

Search the internet and you'll find thousands of web design companies looking for your business.  It's a bit like  commissioning an architect to design a building;  you need to pick the right web designer to design and build your site.


How much should you pay

For a really simple website expect to pay around £500.  Certainly, there are ways to make a cheaper website, but to be honest, it's often a more efficient use of time and money to commission a web company to oversee the process for you.  


Most businesses don't need a feature rich website, they just need a professional looking web presence that conveys simply information about what you do, and how people can contact you.  Think of it like an online business card.



Obtaining quotes

Most companies will provide a quote for building your website. The more information you can provide them with, the easier they'll find it to produce an accurate and hopefully competitive quote.  Think about exactly what you need when you request a quote.  Here are a few ideas that you may want to consider.


  • How many pages are you going to start with.  This may seem silly, but it really helps a web design company get a flavour for how big your site will be.  5-10 pages, 20-50 pages, 100+ pages? This information will help get a better quote for you.
  • Site map.  Even sketched roughly on a sheet of A4 paper, this can help you clarify what you want your website to achieve and also help a web designer get an idea of what you need.
  • CMS - Content Management System.  Do you want to be able to edit the website yourself.  Otherwise you'll need to contact the web designer every time you wish to make changes.
  • Blog or news sections
  • Forums, so users can discuss and communicate together
  • Photo galleries
  • Calendar of events
  • Booking systems to allow users to book appointments or activities
  • Online shop - so customers can purchase direct from you.
  • SEO.  Many web companies will oversee your search engine optimisation for you on an ongoing basis.