How to appear on Google Maps

This video will describe how to add your business to Google Places, and then for your listing to appear in Google Maps.  Instructions are also below.




  1. Go to the google homepage (
  2. Click on 'Maps' from the top menu
  3. When the default maps page comes up, select 'Put your business on Google maps'
  4. You'll be prompted with a sign in screen. You need to log into Google in order to add your business. If you have an account, proceed to log in, if not you'll need to create a Google account using the 'Sign up' link at the top right. Note: you can use any email address to create your account.
  5. Once signed in, you'll see the Google Places landing page. This page will show a list of your businesses listed on Google Maps.
  6. Select 'Add another business' or 'Add my business'
  7. You'll be asked to enter your business phone number first - Google will then look for any previous listings for your business.
  8. You'll then need to fill in a simple form about your business.
  9. As you put in the street address you'll see the map on the right change to show your location.
  10. Enter your address, phone number, contact email address and website url (if you have one)
  11. Keep the description short and focused, using maybe two sentences to describe what your business does.
  12. You then need to add up to five categories for your business. As you type you'll see options appear - select the ones that best describe your business.  HINT : Keep the categories as tightly focused as possible. Spend time trying to find the very best categories you can.
  13. Continue to add all the details for your company - including videos or images. Once you've completed the form, click 'Submit'.
  14. Google will then need to verify your details. This is sometimes done over the phone, by SMS or more recently by post. Which ever method is offered, or you choose, Google will send you a PIN that will activate your listing.
  15. Once your listing is verified, it will start appearing in Google Map results. You are then free to edit and update your listing as you need to.