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Wheelchair Tennis

Wheelchair and Disability Tennis are up-and-coming sports, catered for by a number of clubs in Devon. Clubs have specialist coaching and equipment; support which enables people of all ages and abilities to play. Taking part is a great way to get active and participate in a fun, team activity!

Low intensity
Medium intensity
High intensity
With other people
Children/ family friendly
Meet new people
Cost per session £5 and under
Joining fee/ set-up cost
With an instructor/ guide
Guidance/ co-ordination
Specific help for beginners
8 - 14
15 - 64
Adults of retirement age 65 -74
Older adults 75+
Learn a new skill
Joint problems
CHD risk factors
Restricted lower limb mobility
Disability Friendly
Governing Body
British Tennis
How to get involved?
Search online for your local club at:
Get Active Devon recommend that you contact the provider before attending any activities