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Horse Riding

Horse Riding is a an enjoyable activity that can be participated in by people of all ages and abilities, so this is a great way to get out in the countryside and get active! There are a wide variety of riding centres across Devon which offer support and tuition to beginners or those who need a refresher course. For those who can already ride, check out the Horse Riding in Devon leaflet for more information on public rights of ways and planning your route. 


For those with disabilities, Riding for the Disabled is a fantastic scheme with centres across Devon which supports people with disabilities to take up horse riding.

Low intensity
Medium intensity
In the countryside
With other people
Children/ family friendly
Meet new people
Cost per session £5.00 - £10.00
Joining fee/ set-up cost
With an instructor/ guide
Without an instructor/ guide
Guidance/ co-ordination
Specific help for beginners
7 and under
8 - 14
15 - 64
Adults of retirement age 65 -74
Learn a new skill
Involves animals
Joint problems
CHD risk factors
Restricted lower limb mobility
Disability Friendly
Equipment provided
Governing Body
British Horse Society
How to get involved?
Contact your local riding centre or search online at:
Get Active Devon recommend that you contact the provider before attending any activities