South Dartmoor Community College
Balland Ln, Ashburton TQ13 7EW, UK
TQ13 7EW
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"Bad experience. The teaching was sometimes okay, and rarely even good (praise to teachers such as Murray from the RE department) but most of the time the environment was horrible. Widespread bullying mostly going unpunished and lessons in which you didn't learn anything. It was an environment that was very depressive."
SebUK sebuk
"I’m really sad to hear all these bad reviews - I really thought this was a great school and actually considered moving to the area at one point so my son could go there. Sadly the story of its demise sounds very similar to what has happened at my son’s current secondary - new head, behaviour policy and reward system made overly punitive, all stick and no carrot, lots of creative options removed. He lost the faith and good will of the kids & the teachers, so terrible atmosphere there, bullying, staff leaving in droves, the school failed st ofsted, went into special measures and has therefore been force-academised. It is actually looking up a bit now, but I’m not alone amongst parents in wondering if the whole thing was a stitch up. Be warned!"
rosa rola
"Some body brought in a game boy advance and got tolled off because the teachers said it was a phone..."
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"As a student at SDCC I feel that the number one priority should always be the students education, however it seems this school views their reputation above the quality of education these students receive. As this is supposed to be one of the best schools in this area I would expect them to notice the negative impact these policies are having on their students. Taking girls out of lessons for skirt length and material, thus missing significant learning time, on the first day alone there was around 10-15 students having to wait in student reception and missing their learning, a few were also sent home. This is only one of the newly inforced rules that are damaging the actual community of the school. These issues where not always here, the system was always the same but when the leadership changed to mr collins new rules were set in place and students became distressed and angry, again taking the energy and attention away from the actual learning or proccess of learning. In my opinion schools are here to teach students how to be inquisitive and how to put ourselves forward in the world, rather than blind obedience. Citizens that sit quiet and keep your head down, serve neither their community nor themselves. Feelings of being repressed and ignored can only add to the stresses of school life, especially for the year 11s this year who are already under enough pressure about their GCSEs and it will not be aiding the year 7s as they will be coming straight from primary schools where the rules are much much more relaxed. This is not the way a school should be, especially in an 'outstanding community college'."
yamuna earl
"I left this school 10 years ago after having spent 7 years there - all the way from year 7 to finishing sixth form. When I was there, there were several lovely teachers who tried their best within the restraints of the mainstream system. For them, I am very thankful for some special moments. My sister, who is 10 years younger, also left this school just last year. Her experience here was much worse than mine overall. The school as a whole community is a standard "testocracy" just like any other well financed big mainstream school. And now, I hear it has become a mega academy like a successful corporation swallowing smaller schools into its campaign of "success." All the criticisms I have are towards the whole UK schooling system. Like Ken Robinson says this school too on the whole, kills creativity. It also strangles true critical thinking and god-forbid if you should form any kind of meaningful relationship with a child that could cause a hug to happen! You might get locked up for being a pedophile. The reason I give 3 stars and not 1 is because of several teachers who had a lot of passion and care for their work. They managed to make the school have some very special moments and prevent it from falling under into a complete robot-factory. There are also lots of extra-curricula activities available to take part, lots of resources, a very decent library space and expensive sports facilities. So the potential material resources are there, it's just a shame about the mental/organisational structure that holds it back from flourishing into something far more liberating and educative. (Liberating in the way that Paulo Freire uses the term and Educative in the sense that John Dewey uses the word). If you would like to learn about what school and education could be - what the possibilities are - then please check out the project I am involved in: Wondering School. Here. we are sharing educational projects that are truly exceptional."
Charlie Shread