North Devon Leisure Centre
7 Brethren Bank, Barnstaple EX31 2AP, UK
United Kingdom
Tel : 01271 373361
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Comments from other users
"It's ok. Good sport facilities. Building is a bit tatty. They'll charge you for use of the toilet if you're not doing anything else. Nice big sports hall and pool. Kids play area also. Good cafe and cheap parking. Often the car park is the best place to park if you're going into town and don't mind the walk over the bridge. Inside the building is better than the outside. Right by the river which is quite nice. Fairly busy."
"I use this place a lot, however that's only because there's nowhere like it in Barnstaple. Booking activities online or by phone are pretty good. That's about it for the good. All the facilities are knackered, apart from the gym, which has had a recent refurb. There is always some sort of problem whilst I'm here. A few recent examples include: Football booked 4pm - 5pm. Didn't start until 4:15 due to other activities not being cleared promptly. Badminton ruined by a class being setting up. With refreshment table being set up right to the court line... Evening swimming ruined by early cleaning of the changing rooms. Bucket of water thrown under cubical door, onto my towel, presumably because they didn't think I was there, and want to get home early... Any leisure centre with sports facility would walk over the North Devon Leisure Centre. Basically this place is falling apart and nobody really cares."
Nathan Stribling
"We’ve been using this gym for a few months now and these are some of our views of the centre. There is always a queue at the reception desk, which seems a little chaotic at times. Last night we were given 4 receipts for the same class, rather than 2 different classes. The lockers in both ladies and men’s changing rooms are always broken and you have to search to find one that works. There aren’t enough in the gym. The ladies changing rooms are always really dirty and grubby. A mop and bucket of bleach would work. Maybe it could be down to the people that use the changing rooms having no respect for other people using them. How comes no-one ever seems to flush a toilet after they’ve used it, do they really do that at home? The whole place is really tired and needs a good clean and lick of paint. The classes we have attended so far have been OK, although Spining was excellent. The instructors are all very friendly and helpful. Our biggest bug bear is that there is only 1 water cooler in the whole leisure centre, and that is in the gym..... that surely must be an oversight. This is a sports centre and gym for goodness sake and people need to keep hydrated. We don’t, and won’t, buy bottles of water. I’m sure we aren’t the only people who value our seas and oceans. We have bottles we re-use and feel that there should be water dispensers in all areas. I’ve been using gyms/sport centres both private and council funded since the late 70’s and this is the first one I’ve encountered that does not encourage hydration, if they knew it was important in the 70’s they should do in the 2000’s."
David Smith
"Swimming rarely available. The lanes are fully booked about 70% of the time mid week so don't expect to be able to actually swim at a reasonable hour, like after work. I am a triathlete and need to swim between three and 5 times a week I have to go either after 2030 or before 0700 to get in. The swim club takes up the lanes for the majority of evenings."
Adrian Wilson
"Nice and friendly staff, the gym facilities is fairly decent. It has 3 bench areas and a smith machine. Lots of equipment for all body parts and many dumbbells and free weights. I was a little disappointed that I could only use the gym with the fee that I paid which was around £8. I would have liked it to include swimming too in that fee."
Ahmad Naser