The Gym
31 Derrys Cross, Plymouth PL1 2SW, UK
United Kingdom
Tel : 0844 384 3896
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Comments from other users
"Been using this gym for over a year. Good value for money, decent size and good layout, can workout comfortably. Have cleaners at the gym and equipment are maintained regularly."
Perrie HL Poon
"This gym is ok for the area but it depends on what you are looking for. If it's fitness and cardio machines you are wanting then I would definitely recommend this place as there are no end of machines. On the over hand if you are looking for strength or bodybuilding this isn't the place for you. The biggest dumbbell is 36kg and there are not a lot of free weight machines. One bench press, three squat racks and two Smith machines. Early mornings are good before 7 as you can get on the machines but after that you'll be struggling. Overall it's pretty clean and modern so if you are a beginner, want a high rep low weight or cardio orientated then I would definitely give the gym a try as it's cheap and there are no contracts so what can you lose."
Craig Daltry
"Super gym super clean easy access and free 2hour parking at civic carpark"
"Great equipment, if you can find it. Nobody ever puts the equipment away and only one power rack/deadlift platform. For anyone who has a clue and is a serious lifter you have to pick your work out times carefully or else you get hindered by the #instabunnies."
Edward Venn
"Good gym, wide range of machines and enough free weights. Only having one bar bench press is however a negative aspect. Would be nice to see trainers become more involved with newcomers and the less experienced."
Louis Defreitas