The Gym
31 Derrys Cross, Plymouth PL1 2SW, UK
United Kingdom
Tel : 0844 384 3896
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Comments from other users
"Great little gym. I've never been much of a gym person myself but I find this space easy to go to. With plenty of options on the machines with several areas to carry on with your own workouts. The 24 Hour system is perfect and I would recommend avoiding 5-7 pm if you don't want to work out in a peak time with lots of people. The staff are great and the ones of met are very friendly. A select few go above and beyond to help you and get to know you and I love this. It helps get even the laziest of people (me) want to strive for better. The only issue I have is with how public the classes are. In the Bristol branch of The Gym the classes take place on a separate more private floor. However, after time I have gotten used to this as when you take part in the brilliant, very varied, classes you tend to be so engrossed you don't notice after a while."
Conni Tinmouth
"I love the gym, a really nice space, never found myself waiting for a machine. The free classes are really good, for beginners and experienced alike. Great instructors, and changing rooms are clean. Could use a punching bag, but hey, no actual complaints from me."
Billy Rafferty
"One of the best gyms I have come across! It is clean and well maintained with helpful staff and personal trainers. Although I have never had a personal trainer myself, one of them gave me some tips and showed me some new exercises which was really great! Being in the middle of a city it does get busy at peak times, mainly about 4-7ish but there is a lot of equipment so you are never really waiting to use a machine as there are so many."
Melissa Hanson
"Really easy going place. Great value for money. Wide range of equipment. Always open. Never felt judged or under pressure here."
Mary Gothins
"Good amount of floor space but in the evening expect to not get much floor spcae for yourself"
James Corrigan