Kingslake House
Highampton, Devon EX21 5JS, UK
EX21 5JS
Tel : 01409 231401
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Comments from other users
"Beautiful little gem in Devon. The cottages are stunning and cosy, perfect for a country escape. We were made to feel very welcome. I would definitely go back."
Maha Urbanski
"We arrived at Kings Lake on the 23rd August and stayed in Holly Cottage, we were told that we could not arrive before 2pm as they had to be cleaned and beds changed etc. That was not a problem if they had been cleaned properly, the upstairs bedrooms had cobwebs and bits on the carpet so obviously hadn’t been cleaned properly and the same with the upstairs bathroom. My Husband after arriving on Saturday has done nothing but cough we can only put that down to the damp even the clothes felt damp. We chose Holly Cottage as the friends we went with one of them is disabled so they had the downstairs bedroom and downstairs wetroom, the wetroom was absolutely disgusting with mould half way up the wall and black mould around the floor. Fishing was 20 pound for the week for each fisherman which I thought was quite good, well it would have been if it was disabled friendly. My friends partner has to use a mobility scooter and because it was so boggy he just kept getting stuck everywhere he went even my Husband struggled to push him when he got stuck in the wet and mud. On the Thursday night we went to do dinner switched the cooker hood on it went pop sparked and left us in complete darkness, my friend and myself walked to the owners house but they weren’t at home. I phoned the Man that owns it but he was miles away and said that he thinks the main switch was in the laundry room out in the courtyard, he said he would phone his wife. His wife phoned me to say she was working down the pub and didn’t finish until 11.30pm by which time we had already sorted it out. I think if they are not going to be there all of the time they should have somebody that you can contact in an emergency. The thing that did make me chuckle they have a barbecue out on the decking which is great but in September and you want to do one early evening you can’t as there is no outside light. Myself and Husband certainly will not be going to Kings Lake again as like nearly everybody else that we spoke to while we were there. I really do think that the cottages and the accessibility to the lakes need to be updated and sorted out."
Michele Leaver
"Al right if you like fishing"
Alan Dimbleby
"Just spent a week here in Holly cottage. Altho cottage was ok with lovely views across the site it was extremly damp, black mould up the wet room wall, black mould all the way round the floor of the shower. There were a few cleaning issues. It seemed very tired & obviously needs updating. The courtyard was always dripping water, it seemed the fishing pond had a leak?? The fishing lakes were unaccessable for my disabled partner, even with his able bodied friend helping they constantly got stuck because it was so boggy & muddy. Only fished 2 days so was'nt happy that they both had paid for a full week up front . On asking for a partial refund i did'nt get the response i wanted. Did'nt find the owner at all approachable.Not once were we asked if everything was ok. Then we had a disaster one night only to find that no one was on site! Good job it was'nt major. The clubhouse that was a new addition to 2017 was'nt even finished, so workmen there all day. We would have liked to sit on the patio & have a Bbq but there was no outside light so could'nt see to cook !! The only good thing about the whole week were the neighbours who had the same views as us. Lots of clients lost. We wont be going back."
Barbara Allen
"Beautiful place to stay quite and relaxed with the kids."
Azahara Corroto