Dartmoor National Park
United Kingdom
Tel : 01626 832093
Web : http://www.dartmoor-npa.gov.uk/
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Comments from other users
"one of England's most popular national parks Dartmoor it's one of the few truly wild places left in this densely populated country a more is characterized by open land with scrubby vegetation England's Moors are vast medieval Commons rare places where all can pass anyone can graze their livestock and in the case of Dartmoor ponies run wild. Dartmoor sits on a granite plateau and occasionally bare granite peaks called tours break through the Heather rising like lonesome watchtowers these distinctive landmarks are the goal of popular hikes"
Tony Mansi
"From the minute you enter the national park you feel like you are in a different country. It is totally tranquil and unspoilt. Cows and sheep just roam around on the roadside (and the road lol). There are some lovely old traditional pubs every now and then. If you are looking for a quiet day out for a nice pub lunch or a peaceful picnic then this place is perfect."
Crafty Chris
"So beautiful! From the ancient moss covered forests to the spectacular barren moors, this National Park offers an amazing range of natural beauty. Best part is that wild camping is legal as long as you are over 100m away from a road and are discrete and clean. Highly recommend for nature lovers."
Virtual Dream
"I simply love the Moors, especially on a beautiful sunny day. The scenery is so different, from one area, to another. The gorse, the gentle flowing river, hills to climb and the animals, grazing. It's. all SPECTACULAR! Great for children to run around and to have that open space :-) :-) FABULOUS."
Lorraine Fidock
"Fabulous time free camping. Sun set and sun rise awesome. So peaceful and relaxing we are returning soon for a longer stay."
Diane Paradise