Newton St. Cyres Golf Course
Higher Rewe, Crediton EX17 1AL, UK
EX17 1AL
Tel : 01392 851999
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Comments from other users
"An absolute disgrace: If you are a Golfer avid or beginner, avoid at all costs!!!!!!! Fairways / Semi Rough: Said areas are cut, but grass in not picked up, therefore there are large clumps of cut grass everywhere. (lost 4 titlist golf balls in the fairway because of it, shoes were extremely clogged up. Tees: Average, very uneven, not cut often enough (Grass is often so long on them too, I have to stamp the grass down to have appropriate clearance for my tee peg). They also only have one set of tee boxes set up, occasionally you see the odd Red marker for the ladies, but they are very few and far between and most certainly NOT on every hole. Greens: EXTREMELY POOR, Many bald places on all greens, an abundance of Rabbit digs with droppings, some dandelions growing on greens... The nail in the coffin for the course. Bunkers: Non existent - They have all grown over, and the overgrown grass areas are not even kept short!!!! - I hit my ball in a place where a bunker was meant to be, but due to the long grass, I lost my ball (I was pin high and 3 - 5 yards short right of the green on a 205 yard par 3 (I was not best pleased to be punished in such a ridiculous way, especially after hitting a reasonable tee shot. Buggies: Not actually that bad, very old but usable. Food: Average. Staff: Nothing negative to say, but nothing positive to report either sadly. Price: For both myself and my playing partner, for 9 holes with a buggy it was £34.00. An absolutely astronomical for the quality of the course that is on offer. I hope this frank review is helpful to those of you that were thinking of taking advantage of this local amenity, but take my advice and AVOID like the plague. Owners: Sort your course out! Thanks,"
Ben Crowl
"Nice friendly staff and good value course"
Gavin Jackson
"Would be better if the picked the grass up after cutting, great course otherwise"
Bryan Wyke
"Pay and play full 18 holes with lovely views a must for new or experience players"
Kevin Murphy
"Decent front 9 with well laid out holes. Horrendous back 9, no clear indication of where the greens are and the two holes that share the same green really sums the back 9 up. Also the condition of the every green is horrendous with rabbit holes and dead patches everywhere. "
Sam Metters