House of Yoga
75 Molesworth Rd, Plymouth PL1 5PG, UK
United Kingdom
Tel : 07984 146153
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Comments from other users
"I started doing yoga in preparation for my first marathon. I knew it would be to my advantage doing it but I was so nervous about joining somewhere because I was a complete beginner. I chose House Of Yoga because of the convenient location and when I called I was greeted with a very warm & positive welcome by Sibylla. I was very nervous at first thinking it may be too intense being in a room with a small number of people I've never met before however, when arriving all my fears and anxieties disappeared as Sibylla made me feel so welcome and I realised everyone else was a beginner at some point. It has been the best thing I've ever done and two years on I still enjoy going there and feel great for doing so. I've met so many different people not just from Plymouth but different countries too. The classes are of mixed age/gender but small enough to know that you are getting the right support from Sibylla. Sibylla doesn't seem to clock watch and there have been times where we have been doing the class for more than an hour and a half because when she's in the zone she really in the zone! Perfect!"
Philip Loft
"The yoga weekend retreat was fantastic. Great yoga, scenic walks, relaxing evenings, delicious meals, sparkling conversation, sense of humour, beautiful house, rooms and personality." Under the inspiring guidance of Sibylla Chan."
Magda Knijff