Queen Elizabeth's School
Western Rd, Crediton EX17 3LU, UK
EX17 3LU
Tel : 01363 773401
Web : https://www.qe.devon.sch.uk/
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Comments from other users
"I used to go to qe but unfortunately I had to leave because the bullying is really bad. I got call names and all of my so called friends never did anything about it . Then if u tell a teacher they don't do anything about it. Qe is a bad school to pick, chose chulmleigh it's got a better education and there's no bullying."
Hayley Edwards
"I joined this school and i was very pleased to have joined because the school was very well presented and teachers and pupils were very kind and helpful but since ths new system has been introduced to qe after teo days it has been absolutely terrible the teachers have been way to strict ro us pupils and pick up on every tiny little thing to put us onto a red card detention which is bloddy stupid if you forget some part of your required equiptment they instantly give you a red card which isnt fair at all because everyone forgets little thjngs it doesnt mean the are going to make a habbit of it and the other really pethetic thing is the school uniform situation for example if you do not have 7 yellow lines on your tie u will get an instant detention which is stupid also if your shirt has accidently become untucked then u will also be given a break detention. I think disipline is good in schools but it isnt so good when teachers have taken it to far with the stupid little things."
Mollie Green
""It is an amazing school now. The teachers and year 8 head are amazing. Teachers give out uniform detentions? SO WHAT? Just use the uniform correctly. Behaviour detentions? Too bad for you."-Me, 2 years ago. Why have I changed my mind? Because QE has completely changed. Most of you know of this but the GCSEs have become hell to go through, choose and partake in."
Matthew Cartwright
""We’re all stories, in the end… just make it a good one" - Matthew Barker /2016/"
"Great support for six form pupils and staff are always very prompt at replying to parent's emails."
Emma Healey