Adele's Pilates
Littlehay, Cheriton Bishop, Exeter EX6 6JH, UK
Tel : 01392 244101
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Comments from other users
"All I can say is wow! Adele is a beautiful, supportive and an intuitive coach. I cannot belief that after just 6 weeks into my Get Gorgeous Premier journey how empowered, healthier, and happier i feel. Adele helps you to address the whole package from inside out, with no judgement, quiet support and that listening ear to help you understand that life is full of ups and downs, and a gentle hand to help you get back on the road when you wander off in the wrong direction. Adele has a genuine desire to help you to become the better self, that you deserve. Thank for supporting me to change that imbalance in my life and helping me for first time ever to look in the mirror and see a happy, imperfectly perfect confident woman. Every woman needs and deserves an Adele in their life. X"
Sandra Wiggins
"My weekly Thursday night Pilates session expertly taken by Adele always makes me feel better by ironing out my stiff, tense muscles and strengthening my core so I can cope with another busy week. Adele is always positive and the class atmosphere is lovely and friendly. If your thinking about it, no need, just sign up! Oh and I always have the best nights sleep Thursday night!"
Kirstin Burgess
"Adele’s infectious enthusiasm fills the room and her apparently boundless energy soon motivates everyone in the class to join in and do their best. Each exercise has different levels of difficulty, so there is something for all abilities. The routines are varied and change weekly, so there is never a chance to for over-familiarity to creep in. Adele keeps a close eye on each member’s progress throughout the weekly sessions, and makes personalised recommendations where improvement can be made. In this and in so many other ways, Adele’s Pilates is inspirational."
Paul Dunn
"I have attended Adele's Pilates on and off for a few years and truly believe that her classes have helped me stay injury free in my busy life. Adele is not only a true professional with a wealth of experience in her field but also a passionate lady who makes her Pilates classes fun and interesting. She takes time to get to know your background and is always there if you need advice and help. Five stars from me :)"
Jana Garnsworthy
"Adele's pilates classes are absolutely brilliant, my partner had been going for some time and suggested I joined her. The encouragement Adele gives to those just starting and the way many of the exercises have different levels to suit fitness, experience and injuries means I have now been going for a few years. My back that was prone to seizing up is now supple and I can touch my toes for the first time in decades. Would recommend to anyone that wants to get or stay fit."
Chris Wood