Riviera International Centre
Chestnut Ave, Torquay TQ2 5LZ, UK
Tel : 01803 299992
Web : http://www.rivieracentre.co.uk/
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Comments from other users
"My son held his 8th Birthday party on Saturday 27th January 2018 at RIC and the experience was really good. The lady had the car park voucher ready and was extremely helpful. We then had a great time in the pool and then a lunch followed. The food was excellent, we had a nice separate area to sit and it was good for the kids to play. The staff couldn't have been nicer and other parents attending could have a drink using the tab we had set up. I would recommend RIC for any children's birthday for a swim and food. Mark and Cecile Edwards"
Mark Edwards
"Pool great, but went to cafe after to be told 45 minute wait for 1 x chicken nuggets and chips is ridiculous!! Short on staff to serve as well they are in need of another till person so two can serve at once. Very very slow operation!"
Tom Tekkerz!!!!
"I attended a conference at the Centre and a Black Tie Dinner. It was in need of refurbishment having a very utilitarian 60s concrete design, both in and out. During lunches many people where leaving the conference centre and then entering the leisure centre for the cafe."
Adam Roberts
"5 Stars if it wasn't for the parking. Every time I come here I get a new dent in the bodywork from where somebody's door has got my car. Please do something about the tiny parking spaces! "
Jamie Wright
"Swimming pool was warm. Wave machine great. But male changing rooms not fit for purpose. No cubicles. Naked men everywhere as you'd expect in male changing rooms but also naked little girls. I strongly suggest you respect that nowadays parenting is done by both parents there should be appropriate facilities for a father to take his daughter swimming without having to help her get changed in front of alot of naked men. There is much better facilities with cubicles in the woman's changing area. Please sort this inequality. If it wasn't for this item would be a great place to take the kids swimming."
Louise Parelli Instructor