Ferne Animal Sanctuary
Chard, Wambrook, Chard TA20 3DH, UK
United Kingdom
Tel : 01460 65214
Web : http://www.ferneanimalsanctuary.org/
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Comments from other users
"I preferred it when it was free and we were able to leave a donation because I don't feel there is that much there to warrant a £5 per person entry fee. When we went, we only saw geese, chickens, some small birds, a couple of rabbits and a couple of cats behind glass. We didn't get to see the cows, horses, pigs or goats. I think they were indoors. Overall, it's a nice place to spend an hour taking a walk and the café is really nice with great food."
Adam Phillips
"It's a lovely place when the weather is nice. The animals are all well cared for and there are some play spaces and an education room for the children."
Susan White
"Nice spot but expensive to wander around and at £12.50 for an adult not a lot to see, even makes the National Trust seem value for money. Also be aware you can't see their dogs or cats as they get stressed by visitors, apparently the domestic birds you can see don't?"
steve jones
"Lovely place to take the kids for a morning or afternoon. Food in the cafe is lovely and not badly priced"
Samantha upham
"Ferne Used to be a great place to visit but the Admission cost has sky rocketed recently and is really not worth the Money for what they have on offer. They have Charity Shops Etc and other Funding Streams but have put an absurd entry price to Visit. Some times you can go and see quite a bit others times you Basically see nothing. These Guys Need to Decide if they are a Sanctuary where people can donate as they wish when they visit or They are Classing themselves as a Touristy attraction and charge what they are Charging if it is the Latter they really need book there Ideas Up and actually offer what the average person would expect. I personally feel in the not so distant future that they will end up Stuck and people will no longer Visit and they will not be able to get the revenue they want and have to go back to Visitors Giving a Donations."
david fearnley