Plymouth Life Centre
40 Mayflower Dr, Plymouth PL2 3DF, UK
United Kingdom
Tel : 01752 606900
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Comments from other users
"The facilities are very nice around the whole centre. There are loads of sports you can do there and I would say the water sports are some of the most popular. I would recommend it to anyone who plays a sport however there are loads of other things you can do if your just there for leisure and not in to the competitive stuff."
Kirst Thomas
"Great facilities with a wide range of activities and generally good value. There is almost always something on for most ages and abilities. Its a nightmare to get through to reception on the phone, and the catering is the exact opposite of what you would expect from somewhere trying to promote health! I've seen healthier options at motorway services!"
Ashley Meads
"The Life Centre has great facilities! It's brilliant that they do the free swim for students and I would highly recommend it to anyone studying in Plymouth. All the staff I've met have been nice and helpful."
Georgia May
"Decent enough pool but not a great experience with a 2 year old. Firstly the "life guard" took the foam noodle away from my 2 year old, claiming it was needed for a class only for a pile of about 10 to be left at pool side. Then she gave one to another family! When I questioned her, she stuttered, clearly telling a fib when she replied ”that family brought their own". Not cool! And secondly the changing village is bloody filthy and freezing cold, not nice for a little wet toodler! I'll stick with the China Fleet thanks."
Wayne Crow
"Great environment, amazing prices, lovely people. The cafe has really cheap and some healthy options. Perfect for families or sport oriented people."
Andrés Ossa