Ivybridge Community College
Harford Rd, Ivybridge PL21 0JA, UK
PL21 0JA
Tel : 01752 691000
Web : http://www.ivybridge.devon.sch.uk/
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Comments from other users
"No. Simple. Too big and the school has dramatically fallen in the last 2 years. Glad to see the chief bully is leaving at the end of the year although not soon enough for my step daughter." Legacy", laughable and will be a good day when he's gone. Some brilliant teachers but it's a massive NO."
andrew green
"Not sure what's worse, the bullying problem or the way they handle bullying. Don't believe in their whole 'we don't tolerate bullying'. I was bullied severely there and all they did was push it under the carpet, said I was lying then tried to bring in social services. They also have a smoking, drug and alcohol problem. They care more about their students looks than their education or well-being. Whatever you do, don't send your kids here, you'll regret it."
"hello to all of the people that are bored in lesson and decided to look at the reviews for icc. one star."
josh Tout
"Mr Walden you dropped your gay card -Tom Sheret"
john doe
"Not a good 7 years. Wish I had gone to a different school. useless when it comes to mental health, bullying, and student welfare, they're more concerned about skirt length and hair colour. I will not look back at my time here fondly. The english department is the best part of the school with fantastic teachers, sadly underfunded due to the money going to the sports department that caters to a tiny percentage of students."
Poppy Stewart