Systema South West
Saint Katherines Priory, Saint Katherines Road, Exeter EX4 7JY, UK
Tel : 07800 748123
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Comments from other users
"I would thoroughly recommend the Systema South West club after joining 2 months ago. The club members are diverse, friendly and always helpful. Andy the instructor is very professional and spends lots of time explaining the moves and techniques. He always delivers a well structured lesson and towards the end of the class incorporates all these different aspects to achieve his aim. I started the class primarily for my daughter, so she could gain the knowledge and confidence of self defence. She has really taken to Systema and it is now the highlight of her week. To see her training and being able to handle herself against guys twice her size is testament to Andy's skill and instruction. I would encourage anyone considering a self defence class to come and give it go!"
David Squavy
"Whether you're skilled in martial arts or fairly new to the scene, I highly recommend Systema South West. There's a great mix of experience with both novices and people with many years experience in martial arts. Andy does an amazing job, delivering in-depth yet easy to understand tuition on different topics every week. Systema is a fascinating and unique martial art; Each technique is backed-up by theory and discussion about why it's effective. At the end of each lesson, you'll feel stronger and more capable. This is a highly enjoyable and effective course - well recommended."
Alistair Hayter
"Been attending for the past few months and I'm hooked. Everyone was incredibly friendly and welcoming from the get go. Andy is just an amazing instructor, learned alot from him. Not just about Systema but pushing my own limits as well. Looking forward to the next one!"
Glen Suhardi
"I have been training in Systema for a while now, having studied other martial arts in the past. I have found Systema to be an interesting and extremely effective martial art. I can also thoroughly recommend training with the club. Andy is an excellent and extremely knowledgeable instructor, who makes new students feel welcome and instantly at ease, as do his other students."
Simon Milford
"Been attending the class for the last 3 weeks and feel like I have learned so much already, all the members make new joiners feel really welcome from the outset and you instantly feel part of the team. Andy is a very professional instructor who clearly has a vast knowledge base and an excellent teaching manner that anyone no matter their ability can learn from. If you are intrested in learning Systema but haven't quite taken the step yet, come along and try it you won't look back, every week so far has been fascinating and you will learn things about yourself. Highly recommended."
Chris Watkinson