Neville Cregan Nev Yoga Massage
5A Fore St, Totnes TQ9 5DA, UK
United Kingdom
Tel : 07915 650106
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Comments from other users
"Thai yoga massage with Nev was totally unlike any other “Thai” massage I’ve had. In other words, I wasn’t sat on, or roughly pulled in all directions. And yet - I felt that if I had wanted something more akin to that it would’ve been possible. What I needed - and got, was a wonderful holistic combination of firm touch, compression, touch on reflexology points on my feet, and more detailed work into the knots and tension on my back and around my shoulder blades. I felt rejuvenated and refreshed with less tightness & tension in my shoulders & back up to now, weeks after the massage. Huge thanks Nev :-)"
Taryna Grace
"Really recommend Nev. I really enjoy Thai massage - and it's so wonderful to have such a talented massage therapist in my home town of Totnes. 5 stars"
Daniel Darby
"I have a fractured spine and there are parts of my back I find it harder to access. Nev's massage has really helped to get into those tight and gritty spaces and open them out. With thanks to Nev!"
gina hayes
"A great fusion of Thai massage and sports massage along with an intuitive approach. His knowledge of biomechanics and movement that comes from his yoga background enhance any treatment. I've been helped with plantarfasciitis and low back and hip pain, tight neck and shoulders. Treatments included a lot of passive stretches at a very slow and relaxed pace, the application of heat and working deeply into the affected areas. I've been to Neville with various musculoskeletal problems over the years for Thai massage treatments and now he has the sports massage training it has taken treatments to another level."
Kate Carfrae
"Neville's massage is conducted in a professional manner in a safe, comfortable environment. I appreciated the care and attention as well as the resulting improvement in movement. Thanks Neville"
Julia Dinsdale