CrossFit Exe
3 Tan Ln, Exeter EX2 8EG, UK
United Kingdom
Tel : 780519423
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Comments from other users
"Really good fun love being in this place"
Roddy Moor
"The box is amazing!!! All members of staff are absolutely committed to get the best out of members. They are supported and encourage individuals to achieve their fitness goals. Brilliant!!!"
Maria Otilia Perez-Gonzalez
"I cannot recommend this gym highly enough. From the get go I have been supported by a fantastic, knowledgeable and enthusiastic team of coaches led by head coach Jaime. The excellent programming has helped me achieve strength and conditioning goals I never could have achieved on my own. The support and camaraderie from the community of members is unlike anything I've experienced elsewhere, it has to be experienced to be believed. I feel I've finally found my 'fitness tribe'!"
Matthew Wiese
"I had preconceived ideas about CrossFit, based on absolutely no knowledge at all and plenty of assumptions! I had spoken to a couple of guys at work who had tried CrossFit and convinced me it was for the elite athlete, and not a numpty like me!! I had reached a really low stage in my life both professionally and personally. I felt pretty worthless to be honest, but knew it was up to me to make some significant changes, the most important of which was to bring exercise into my life on a much more consistent basis than I had in the past. I had joined other gyms and liked to join classes but I felt so alone in them and bored with the repetitive nature of them. I didn't really connect with anyone because the nature of those kind of gyms was that you worked alone and I hated that. Fortunately a female friend of mine suggested I come along to a ladies only CrossFit session at Exe. This was perfect for me as I had zero confidence and the last thing I wanted was to feel intimidated by a bunch of fit guys!! I can still remember that first session now and how it made me feel! I was buzzing! I had fun, I was training with other ladies of varying abilities but didn't feel out of place. Sophia who trained us was really lovely and made me feel so welcome. She was encouraging and believed in me when I didn't believe in myself. I eventually plucked up the confidence to join the mixed CrossFit classes and have loved every minute ever since. What I want to make clear is that CrossFit is for everyone, no matter your ability. Everyone is welcome, everything can be scaled. I love the variety of sessions available and how every day is something different, something challenging. I love that I have a list of personal targets to reach, new skills to learn and that I am getting fitter and stronger every day. The coaches and members of Exe make everyone feel so welcome. Success is shared and celebrated. It is such a positive environment to be in and that has improved my mental and physical health no end. I have a new group of lovely friends who love the same things I do. I now cannot imagine a life without CrossFit and Exe in it!"
Claire Westcott
"I moved to Exeter two years ago hardly knowing anyone. I now have the best social life I have ever had. I have met the most amazing people and inspiring individuals, all from one gym! I have never stuck at anything for so long and attend the classes most days (5 days a week) Even when its been a long day at work and I'm tired I know going will cheer me up and make me feel better! Full of awesomeness, thanks Crossfit Exe!"
Louise Evans