Pilates in Exeter
Ridge Studios Bullers Hill, Haldon Forest Park, Exeter EX6 7XR, UK
United Kingdom
Tel : 01626 890120
Web : http://www.pilatesinexeter.co.uk/
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Comments from other users
"I have been attending Fiona's classes for about a year and really feel that I have been able to develop. Other classes have just felt unchallenging and groundhog day. I love Pilates and had done some research about the exercise. From what I can tell, Fiona uses the core ideas and movements within her classes. She changes and adapts each session I have attended, doing a little more one one part of the body each week. Fiona is able to offer suggestions about adapting what you are doing to your ability. She also give clear direction about breathing, which I have found confusing in the past. I don't know if it just me and the effect of the breathing, but I find them really relaxing too. Fiona has all the basic equipment needed, but you can bring stuff along too. There is also a spread of locations for classes and options for holidays and evenings, which I really value."
Claire Smith
"A friendly and inviting environment where Fiona helps and encourages everyone to reach their own level in Pilates.... everyone has different levels of bendieness or fitness this is not a problem and you're not left feeling silly. Fiona activity encourages and suggests different moves for different levels or medical conditions to suit and to get the best out of you.... I float out each week feeling balanced and calm, my body with each muscle having been worked, stretched and relaxed... and breathe!! Thank you Fiona (Had to access my husbands account to leave this review!!) Lucy Grocock"
John Grocock
"My husband and I have been attending Fiona's classes for several years. Lovely, relaxed atmosphere. We always feel better after the classes."
Beth Poole
"Great class, I feel great and well stretched after every visit. Very much recommended."
Paul Terry