Cranleigh House Healthy & Alternative Bed and Breakfast
High St, Combe Martin, Ilfracombe EX34 0EP, UK
United Kingdom
Tel : 01271 889325
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Comments from other users
"Superb location, lovely hosts, both Katherine and Stewart were very helpful and friendly providing advice on what to look for and which path to take to get to the Great Hangman. The house itself is very well maintained and decorated with all sorts of quirky books and references to alternative therapies (homeopathy, yoga etc)."
Mihai Florea
"Do NOT bring your dog here!!! OWNER HIT MY DOG We arrived early and contacted Katherine. She was very polite and advised that although check in was not until 4, we could get into our room. We rang the three doorbells on the front door as we were advised Stewart would be available however no answer, so we went to our room, settled in and then left to meet my parents. We did not return until around 22:15pm that night having enjoyed our time with my parents. We had already received a text from Katherine about breakfast and responded thanking her. It was a very wet night and we came in drenched, our dog included. Our dog is a Husky who has recently had one eye removed so this was her first trip away since the operation, 4 weeks ago. We entered through the front door to the hallway and removed our shoes as requested. As we were removing our shoes, Katherine appeared and our dog leaped up. We understand this is annoying however my husband took her to our room and Katherine showed me around the breakfast area and didn't mention anything. The next morning, whilst putting our shoes on, we could hear Katherine and Stewart having an argument behind the ‘staff only’ door . I was embarrassed and said so to my husband. We left and I was placing my bag in the car when Stewart appeared smoking a cigarette outside. He began talking about walks and started making his way towards our dog, who again leaped up. I understand this maybe a shock to some people however Stewart acted in the most appalling way and smacked her around the head, telling her to get down. My husband shouted at him wanting to know why he had hit her and he said you have to give them some of that, show them who’s boss and raised his hand in the air as if to hit her again. I shouted to him that it is a husky greeting and she is friendly with everyone she meets. We were understandably upset and in shock. I couldn’t believe anyone could do that to a dog, let alone one with one eye who had shown no aggression whatsoever. We walked into the centre and Katherine who appeared on a bicycle. Silly me, I thought she was coming to apologise! But no, she was there to tell us all about how we needed educating about our dog (who we’ve had for 6 years) and that we would be in serious trouble if she jumped up a child. Well Katherine, I would like to inform you that 99% of people including children ask before they approach a dog and I ALWAYS say she is friendly but may jump up. She absolutely adores children and has never shown an aggressive tendencies EVER. You continued to tell us how you were concerned for our wellbeing. The only person that put us in an awkward position was Stewart. A grown man hitting a dog!! I asked if you thought it was right to hit an animal and you agreed that it wasn’t, so I have no idea why you continued to follow us in to the centre of Combe Martin shouting that we needed educating when I was continually telling you to go away. We take our dog away on trips multiple times a year and I have never ever been subjected to such a nasty pair of individuals who have the audacity to advertise their B&B as dog friendly. You are an absolute disgrace and I am horrified that people like Stewart can even be around animals and that you would defend him."
Rachel S
"I spent a lovely summer holiday at Katherine's, large sunny room, breakfast at leisure, walking distance from the beach pubs, shops, and lot's of lovely footpaths to explore this beautiful area. Katherine is really lovely and helpful, providing us with maps and advice, and offering us the possibility of a yoga workout every day. I also find that my mind was at rest with all the yoga energy in the house and it has been a real bonus for my holiday. I shall be back!!"
"Excellent stay, I learnt to make smoothies and a lot of tips to look after my health and my family's. The atmosphere is wonderful (and they have a piano and a guitar which I could play freely). Do not expect unhealthy food here. They also provide mountain walking equipment."
"Have stayed at Cranleigh House many times and I haven't been disappointed yet. Love the healthy organic foods served and I'm made to feel welcome and at home there. The relaxing spiritual atmosphere is just what I need on a break away - looking forward to my next visit."
Gwyneth Evans-Wilcock