Adventure Okehampton
The Goods Shed, Klondyke Road, Okehampton EX20 1EW, UK
Tel : 01837 53916
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Comments from other users
"Well kept. very polite staff."
Michael Bickle
"It's got really fun activities and the fact that they have bunk beds and you can paddle in spare time is cool!"
Claire Stevens
"I went here as a school residential and it was AWESOME all the instructors were keen to help us with the activity and they were really kind and helpful. the food was the BEST IN THE WORLD !! and the rooms were okay to sleep in. "
Luke Chetland
"Adventure Okehampton is the best place ever because it just lets you be your self and all the instructors are amazing"
Imogen Barter
"Very clean. Very friendly personnel."
Franco Pasi