Black Flag Wing Chun Devon
2 Gilbert Rd, Newton Abbot TQ12 4HS, UK
United Kingdom
Tel : 07730 010914
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Comments from other users
"I haven't done a martial art for over 20 years. So I decided to start again, Si-Fu David is very welcoming, very relaxed and very knowledgeable. So now I take my 10 year old daughter, she loves it, the kids there really enjoy it as well as learning a great discipline, I would recommend Black Flag Wing Chun to everyone, to parents, friends and family."
Nick Stearman
"Been severing south devon for over 6 years with over 300 students from 5years old to 60+. This school is suitable for all skill levels beginner to advanced. Give it a try with new offer 3 lessons for only £10."
David Morgan
"Being trained in Black Flag Wing Chun has provided me with a place to improve my confidence and has given me an advanced understanding of Kung Fu in a safe and friendly environment. Highly recommend to anybody interesting in taking up a martial art or for anybody looking to improve confidence while taking up new skills"
Blake Smith