North Devon Leisure Centre
7 Brethren Bank, Barnstaple EX31 2AP, UK
United Kingdom
Tel : 01271 373361
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Comments from other users
"If it wouldn't be the only in that area. Absolutely not. Shabby, not well maintained, not very clean. Only paper cups and other throw away dishes. Really not role modelling. Such a difference to any better club or the one in Tiverton. Friendly staff, even you aren't allowed to charge your phone."
Karsten Jaeger
"I would like to share my views on barnstaple leisure centre. The building is in desperate need of repair however, plans are afoot for a new building so this can be excused. The classes are wonderful and the booking system simple. Each class facilitator has been professional, upbeat and very ready to help. The reception staff are very rude and make going to the leisure centre an unpleasant experience, I could overlook this had it been a one off occurrence but it is every time I go. I have spoken to the management team regarding the lack of customer service or care provided by these frontline staff but nothing has changed to date (I have been attending since December 2017). I hope that with the new building morale within the reception area will be higher and we, the paying customers may see service with a smile....though I shan't hold my breath."
Stuart Bryce
"It's ok. Good sport facilities. Building is a bit tatty. They'll charge you for use of the toilet if you're not doing anything else. Nice big sports hall and pool. Kids play area also. Good cafe and cheap parking. Often the car park is the best place to park if you're going into town and don't mind the walk over the bridge. Inside the building is better than the outside. Right by the river which is quite nice. Fairly busy."
"Mark is a fantastic swim instructor/manager. Very professional and good at his job. Highly recommend him."
Bonnita Spencet
"I use this place a lot, however that's only because there's nowhere like it in Barnstaple. Booking activities online or by phone are pretty good. That's about it for the good. All the facilities are knackered, apart from the gym, which has had a recent refurb. There is always some sort of problem whilst I'm here. A few recent examples include: Football booked 4pm - 5pm. Didn't start until 4:15 due to other activities not being cleared promptly. Badminton ruined by a class being setting up. With refreshment table being set up right to the court line... Evening swimming ruined by early cleaning of the changing rooms. Bucket of water thrown under cubical door, onto my towel, presumably because they didn't think I was there, and want to get home early... Any leisure centre with sports facility would walk over the North Devon Leisure Centre. Basically this place is falling apart and nobody really cares."
Nathan Stribling