Erme Valley Riding for the Disabled Group
The Brook, Yolland Brook, Ugborough Road PL21 0HG, UK
Tel : 01752 894348
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"Riding at Erme Valley RDA at The Brook is a complete joy for me. All of us adults & children who ride here have disabilities of one sort or another, from the relatively mild to most severe, including physical & mental conditions, and including those 'hidden' disabilities such as PTSD, bipolar etc. I believe that each and every one of us derives immense benefit, both physical & emotional, from riding here. Peggy, who is the owner, works tirelessly for us and for the RDA, as do all the lovely staff & volunteers. I really can't speak more highly of this amazing facility, where everyone is treated with dignity & respect, and where we are so privileged to ride and connect with the horses, who are all stars in their own right! It is lovely to socialise with other riders here too, everyone is so nice & friendly 😀 Peggy is always in need of more volunteers to enable more disabled people to access this therapeutic exercise, so PLEASE offer a bit of your spare time if you can. There is also a constant need for suitable horses/ponies (especially horses) so if you have a horse that would like to live at The Brook and help us riders to smile, do please contact Peggy. A huge thanks to The Brook, Peggy, staff, volunteers & horses - you've all made such a difference to my quality of life xxx"
Kate Steele
Louis John Hamilton-fox