Yoga Like Water UK Yoga Teacher Training in Devon and London
Amblestone, Victoria Street, Combe Martin, Ilfracombe EX34 0JR, UK
EX34 0JR
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Comments from other users
"This course was a life changing experience for me! It Challenged, shaped and inspired a new outlook on both yoga and life. The range and quality of teachers on the course was exceptional and offered a wide range of approaches and ideas to consider. I felt supported every step of the way and continue to feel supported as I move further into my own teaching career. I can't recommend Dan enough. If you're looking for a yoga teacher training course that is innovative, inspiring, and allows you to explore and discover an individual and personal approach to yoga, then this is the course for you."
Lauren Balloch
"Well what to say. I completely agree with all the comments and reviews that have come before it's hard to think of anything else to add. I had the best year training With Dan and the team, they and my fellow students were amazingly supportive. This course will be what ever you want it to be. Go in with an open mind and expect nothing."
Andrew Hooker
"Really great Yoga Teacher Training. Fantastic collection of inspiring Yoga Teachers, great philosophy and lots of space for personal growth and creativity. Refreshing approach to yoga with caring and supportive environment from the start. Highly recommended."
Karolina Januszek
"Innovative and inspiring. Definitely not your "run of the mill" yoga teacher training. If you are looking for something different, exciting and sometimes challenging then this is for you! Probably not a journey for complete newbies -- but if you are looking for an expansive "next step" the YLW TT is something you should investigate. Yoga will never be the same again once you have done this course!"
Sue Ward
"If you want to be spoon fed rhetoric, given a routine and script and get a certificate, you will hate this course. If you want to have your mind blown, step up to having your assumptions about yourself, yoga and the world around you challenged, if you’re willing to embrace self study and self enquiry - there is no better course out there! What Dan has created in this excellent 200hr course, supported by a curated selection of the most authentic, inspiring and varied yoga teachers is 2nd to none. Life changing 🌟Whether you choose to teach yoga or not, this course will help you be more fully you, happier and more easeful - a better human you could say 🤗 yoga just happens to be the vehicle."
Samantha Kiani