Karuna Detox Retreats
Newhouse Farm, Witheridge, Tiverton EX16 8QB, UK
United Kingdom
Tel : 0800 112 3033
Web : http://www.karunadetox.com/
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Comments from other users
"Had such a beautiful time, wow how amazing do I feel!! With the help of the Karuna family, I've reached this beautiful state of mind and health. Thanks Sho, Jo, Paul and Louise - you were all beautiful in your own way, what a fantastic team of support. I will definitely be back next year, hopefully with a few people i met this year! I wholeheartedly recommend this detox retreat if you want to change something, inspire yourself or even just to have a break - it's fantastic! Thank you 😚"
Lauren Wilkie
"This was a truly outstanding detox retreat. It's my 5th program and was by far the most effective and spiritual experience i've had. Prior to this my most effective program was Tony Robbins Life Mastery. However, Sho, the Karuna team and you create a fully tailored experience, in an idyllic part of Devon that will suit everyone. I came to take my health to a new level and have some time for me. Simply, that was achieved by day 3. On top of that i had a huge emotional detox and achieved a huge sense of balance and learnt from both Sho and many of the participants. Even my physical alignment has improved. I'm at peace with where i am in life and am already more effective now i'm back in my normal life & work. I'm calmer, more alert, stronger and very perceptive. On top of all that is the wonderful ways we were introduced to sustaining the detox going forward. I usually complete program like this, with a nagging doubt that i'll be able to take it home. But this program has left me armed with the emotional strength, as well as how to do it. Thank you to all of the team for such a memorable retreat. Sho, Paul, Donna, Louise & Tim, you are all very stellar beings and thank you for shining your light on us all over the last few weeks. Namaste Alun"
Alun Ottley
"Not only a detox for the body but also for the mind. I wish we could have stayed longer, so much to learn... Sho and her team looked after us and made sure we were happy and loved during the ups and downs of a detox. Very professional, friendly and relaxed environment. Thank you again for everything. Christine and Ella"
Christine Robinson
"I loved the farmhouse setting in rolling hills, with Spring water, the lovely attitude of guests and staff alike, creating a supportive community feel and steady daily rhythm, with space to listen within, enjoy your time and the beautiful surrounds as you wish. Such a wonderful, thoughtful set-up to encourage deep rest, repair, awareness healing... A lovely mix of couples and singles came, creating a fantastic level of authentic sharing blended with respect for privacy. Sho's passionate, sometimes pretty earthy inputs encouraged us to be very grounded in our awareness of our bodies and how we nourish ourselves, both physically and in other ways... The yoga classes and supportive therapies are of highest sensitivity, which supports integration during a meaningful detox. ...A priceless gift for life and well-being! I recommend whole-heartedly!"
Olga Siddons
"An amazing juicing detox week in peaceful surroundings and wonderful accommodation too. Sho and her team of experts nurture and support you through the week with inspirational talks, amazing juices and relaxing Yoga. I feel light joyful and ready to start my new healthy and healing diet."
Clare williams